The Brivis StarPro series comprises both the Brivis StarPro MAX (HX) High Efficiency range and Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) Medium Efficiency Ducted Gas Heating range.

The StarPro MAX range includes models with up to 5.8 Star Rating (HX23), providing the highest level of comfort, for the least running cost.

Brivis StarPro 6 Star Series


Introducing Brivis highest efficiency Ducted Gas Heater, the SP6 series. The new range of Brivis 6 Star heaters is cleverly engineered to use less gas then traditional Ducted Gas Heaters. This is achieved through Quatrra™ technology, a superior 4 Pass Heat Exchanger with
Modulating Gas Valve - meaning you get superior temperature control and greater efficiency. Add Brivis ZonePlus™ and your 6 Star gas heater is zone ready for up to four zones, allowing you to set different temperatures in each zone, or to turn off the zones
you are not using, saving you money on your running costs. With Brivis ICE™ compatibility, your 6 Star heater can be your ultimate gas heating and refrigerated cooling solution all year round, thanks to Brivis DualComfort™ technology. Selected models are also available in Universal Liquefied Petroleum Gas (ULPG).

Brivis StarPro MAX (HX) External unit


The Brivis B-MAX provides a High Efficiency (5+ Star Rating) direct replacement of your older Brivis Buffalo 85 or Buffalo 120 external ducted gas heater. The Brivis StarPro B-MAX range employs all of the great features and benefits of the StarPro MAX range.

Brivis StarPro B-MAX (BH) External unit (shown without basebox)


The Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) medium efficiency range employs all of the great features and benefits of the StarPro MAX range, but at a medium efficiency star rating. The StarPro PLUS (MX) series has an efficiency range from 4.2 stars all the way up to 4.4 stars.

Brivis StarPro PLUS (MX) External unit


Advanced technology

The technologies used in the new StarPro PLUS series are a culmination of Brivis' 50 years of heating experience in Australia. The StarPro PLUS series features ensure that the heaters are more effective at heating your home, with the least amount of energy and expense. Every aspect of the StarPro PLUS series operation has been designed to make it more powerful, efficient, reliable, unobtrusive and healthy for you.


MX/HX Internal unit


The StarPro PLUS series features a spark ignition system to ignite the heater. A flame safety sensor on the end of the burner sends a signal to confirm that there is ignition across the whole burner. The gas ramps up to maximum, to quickly heat up the heat exchanger, the circulation fan starts slowly and gently ramps to the optimum speed for heating the house. This ensures that the start up of the heater is extremely quiet, delivers heat in the quickest possible time and that you don't feel a cold draught when the fan starts.

The StarPro PLUS series has advanced Energy Management Systems. The first benefit of the Energy Management System is zoning, which effectively means you can divide your home into up to four separate heating areas. During the day, you can heat the living areas, and during the night, your bedrooms. If you want the whole house heated at the same time, you can heat all zones at once. The whole zoning process is automatically controlled by the Networker.

The second great energy advance is the exclusive Brivis Adaptive Zoning System, the ability of the StarPro PLUS to reduce its output by up to 80%. The heater detects how many outlets you are currently operating and reduces the energy and fan requirements automatically. This means that if you only want certain parts of your house heated, you're not wasting energy. Ask your dealer about these zoning options.


Airflow through the HX/MX external



The StarPro PLUS units are designed to fit easily into the roof, under the floor or unobtrusively outside the house. The internal unit can be split for easier installation.

The most choices.

The StarPro PLUS series has several different options and models to choose from so that you can select the right heater for your needs. The StarPro PLUS heater can be controlled by our most advanced thermostat, the Brivis Networker, a Programmable Thermostat or a Manual Thermostat. You can even directly connect the heater to most Home Automation Systems. The StarPro PLUS has Extra Air (XA) models available to suit the Brivis ICE add-on refrigerative cooling system, giving you total climate control all year round.

Expert advice

Brivis dealers and installers are carefully selected and trained by us to help you get the most from your investment. So talk to them or call us on 1300 BRIVIS (1300 274 847) to discuss your options.


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