Who are the most well-known ducted air conditioning brands in Australia?

When you’re in the market for ducted air conditioning and other cooling products, a range of high-quality brands are available to you. One of the most well-known brands is Brivis. Brivis is an Australian-owned company and all its products are manufactured in Australia. Aside from this brand, other popular brands for home climate control are Braemar, Breezair, Cool Air, and Climate Technologies.

When selecting the best evaporative cooler, it is important to research the reputation of the manufacturing company as well as their after-sales service support. The longer companies have been in the industry, the more reliable they seem to be. A trustworthy brand also has a responsive customer service team and a highly-trained group of technicians who can resolve the issues of their cooling products. These will guarantee that the cooling system will work the way it was designed to and will deliver what you expect.


At Brivis, we size our systems in kilowatts, which is also the cooling capacity of the unit. Each manufacturer sizes their systems in varied ways. Here at Brivis, we use kilowatts because we believe this is the most effective and efficient way to size our products. Other than this, we provide our dealers and installers with the sizing guide to assure our product’s best performance, efficiency, and economy. Ultimately, our team ensures that the size and design of our climate control systems are appropriate for your home.

At the end of the day, consumers have a plethora of choices at their disposal. Whichever brand you choose, remember to work only with a strong local dealer who really knows his product. The ideal dealer takes note of all the relevant details of your home before he recommends any cooling appliance. Last but not the least, ask whether he or his staff can service the unit over time because a responsive after-sales support will help maintain your cooling product in good working condition for a long time.

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