How does Evaporative Cooling work?

Brivis Evaporative Cooling comprises a central cooling unit connected to a series of outlets throughout your home. The cooling unit draws fresh air through moistened pads. As it passes through these pads the air is cooled and filtered before flowing through the ductwork and into your rooms – just like a cool, refreshing sea breeze.

Compared to refrigerated air conditioning, the result is cheaper, fresher and completely natural air. Best of all, it keeps your home naturally cool even with your doors and windows open, which is great for enjoying the summer in alfresco style.


What are the benefits of Evaporative Cooling?

  • Up to 50%+ cheaper to install than comparable capacity refrigerated systems.
  • Seven times+ cheaper to run than comparable refrigerated cooling systems.
  • Healthiest way to cool your home.
  • The air inside your home is not re-circulated.
  • Based on a totally natural process of air cooled by water means it won’t dry out the air, or irritate your skin, throat or eyes.
  • As hot air is pushed out of the home, doors can be left open
  • Uses less electricity than other forms of cooling so is kinder to our environment as its greenhouse gas contribution is a lot lower.


The Brivis Networker provides you with maximum flexibility in the operation of your Brivis evaporative cooler. Fully automatic, programmable and featuring Electro- Luminescence (EL) technology, the Brivis Networker is not only easy to read, but will allow you to set-and-forget the comfort level you desire.

In full automatic mode, the Brivis Networker will detect the surrounding environment and adjust the fan speed and cooling power as required for the ultimate comfort and lowest running cost.

We haven’t forgotten about controlling your heating in winter either. So smart, the Networker controller seamlessly connects to your high efficiency Brivis StarPro Gas Ducted Heater allowing zoning and heating temperature control in multiple rooms from the one controller.

Evaporative Cooling
Contour Series

Exclusively Brivis, the Contour has the lowest profile and is one of the most advanced evaporative coolers in its class – designed to deliver volumes of cold air without the profile of traditional coolers.

Promina Series

The Brivis Promina uses advanced technologies developed for the sleek Brivis Contour to ensure quality and reliability. For example, the Brivis Promina incorporates the Brivis designed fan which maximises airflow with quiet operation.

Advance Series

The Brivis Advance has been developed with greater surface area to excel in large airflow requirements, plus is a stylish cooler for both new installations and replacement of older style coolers.

Introducing the ALL NEW Brivis Serenity – a high efficiency, direct-drive evaporative cooler. Incorporating a specially designed DC Direct Drive Centrifugal Fan, the NEW Serenity is designed for power, performance and reliability. Available in three models and two colour options (Charcoal and Beige).
AD BAL Series

Designed to resist the harshest of nature’s challenges, the Brivis AD cooler pioneered many innovative features in evaporative coolers.