Brivis Zoning

If you think heating or cooling your whole home is a waste of energy – consider zoning

Imagine this. It is a 14 degree day outside, you are in the lounge room watching your favourite movie, your partner’s in the study reading a book, and your kids are in the rumpus playing games. With Brivis StarPro high efficiency ducted gas heater technology, you have two zoning options:

Brivis ZonePlus Brivis Adaptive Zoning

A Brivis zoning system provides you with the flexibility to cool or heat up to four independent zones. A zone can be a single room, like a lounge room or a designated set of rooms, like children’s bedrooms. You can also condition your entire home. A Brivis zoning system can detect how many zones you are currently operating and automatically adjust its output to match the requirement. This means that if you only want certain parts of your home heated or cooled, you can, while not wasting energy

The Brivis Networker zoning controller allows you to operate your comfort system in either auto or manual modes.

In auto mode, the Brivis Networker allows you to programme temperatures, times and zoning configurations to suit your lifestyle. This means that you can wake up to a beautifully warm home on winter mornings, or in the evenings when you arrive home from work.

In manual mode, you set your own temperature. The Brivis Networker will maintain the temperature you have chosen, until you choose to turn it off.