I‘m considering gas ducted heating, do I have to have natural gas in my home?

When you consider using gas ducted heating, the most cost-effective form of energy source would be the reticulated gas, where it can be found in the ground or under the streets.

But it doesn’t mean the use of LPG is no longer applicable. Actually, you can also use alternatives like bottled gas, which is similar to what you usually use when grilling barbecue. However, the cost of bottled gas has lost 10 or 15 years as it has increased rapidly and significantly. This is basically due to transport cost being petrol prices. Furthermore, the cost of LPG has gone up and is believed to continue to rise in the long run.

The use of LPG is still considered more efficient compared to the use of electricity in areas where it is really cold. Because when it is really cold outside and you just want to get warm, what temperature reverse cycle air conditioning is capable of emitting is not going to give you the same temperature of what a gas ducted heater will.


In most areas all over the country, you can’t help but notice that the electricity costs are way higher than natural gas. This makes the use of gas ducted heating all the more favourable. Aside from this, it’s kinder towards the surroundings as it releases lesser greenhouse gas emissions compared to other heating alternatives.

With that said, it’s really important to understand what the options are available at your disposal. Also, the place where you live will also help determine what energy source is the most efficient one for you.

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