Do you get different types of heat from reverse cycle versus gas ducted heating?


When deciding on a home temperature control system, whether it would be a gas ducted heating or reverse cycle system, the ideal outcome is that someone walks into the room and not feel as though they’re in an artificially air conditioned space. They don’t want to feel a breeze; they don’t want to feel like as if they’re walking through a wind tunnel or anything. It should be just the air there and it feels comfortable to be in.

With gas ducted heating, you’re getting a nice warm comfortable feel. It doesn’t dry your eyes or dry your skin out. It’s a natural form of heat that actually responds quickly to changes. If you want it to be warmer, you turn it up, and it will respond and deliver heat quickly. Thus it will heat the house faster and you would then be able to monitor the temperature really well.

If what you want to achieve is a whole home solution, it is a little bit easier when going with natural gas. It actually has a larger capacity, going up to 35 kilowatt system for residential, with a high output system that gives you a whole home solution. This means that you can go back and you can zone or you can take it back to a single room if you choose. Having the option to heat the whole home in one go is a really valuable asset to have.


It all goes back again to how you use the home and how you live in the home as a family. If whole home heating is a benefit to you and a real asset, then it’s good to have a gas ducted system even though you may not use it all the time. It’s about just doing it at a flick of a button is a great thing and that warm natural heat that isn’t drying.

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