Contour Series

The sleek Brivis Contour™ is one of the most advanced Evaporative Coolers in its class, by delivering volumes of refreshing cool air without the large profile of traditional coolers. Designed to consistently deliver clean air, the system’s pre-wet cycle allows for fresh water to enter the cooler and begin soaking the cooling pads before the fan starts. This in addition to other features including robust UV protected plastic construction, quiet operation and efficient water management provides you with peace of mind and comfort all summer long.

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Ideal for new homes & replacing evaporative air coolers

Range of popular colours to blend with your roofline

UV protected plastic casing

High efficiency with up to 130 mm thick evaporative cooling pads

Every stage of its operation has been designed to make it reliable and discreet. When you turn your cooler on, the Brivis Contour begins its Pre-Wet cycle. Clean fresh water enters the cooler and begins soaking the cooling pads before the fan starts, ensuring that you will only be provided with cool fresh air. It is packed with features to give you comfort and flexibility.

Exclusive to Brivis, our leading edge AquaSave technology saves you up to 45% on water consumption when compared to conventional bleed systems. The AquaSave cleans the water used in the cooling process avoiding any unnecessary wastage.

The Brivis Contour also has one of the smallest water reservoirs on the market, holding up to a third the amount of water than other coolers, minimizing the amount of water discharged when the cooler is turned off.

Model Motor (W) Fan Blade/Type Pad Area Size Pad Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height Front Height Back Dry Weight
L36 750 11 Standard 90 1100 1100 720 400 52
L46 750 11 Large 110 1100 1100 800 480 54
L56 750 11 Large 130 1100 1100 800 480 55
L66 950 11 / HP† Large 130 1100 1100 800 480 57
L76 1000 11 / HP† Large 130 1100 1100 800 480 57

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