Rating 5

StarPro 5 Series

Rating 5

StarPro 5 Series

Brivis’ latest 5 Star non-condensing range of Ducted Gas Heaters delivers excellent efficiency while using less gas to heat your home, all without the need for condensate drains. Brivis can now not only deliver a 5 Star rating without producing condensate but can offer a cheaper way to get 5 Star efficiency without compromising on quality. A non-condensing Ducted Gas Heater makes the system easier and faster to install, making it a great option for a new installation or to replace your old heater - meaning lower installation costs.


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5 star gas energy star rating

Reduced carbon emissions

Brivis ICE™ compatible

ZonePlus™ compatible

If you think heating or cooling your whole home is a waste of energy – consider zoning.

Imagine this. It is a 14 degree day outside, you are in the lounge room watching your favourite movie, your partner’s in the study reading a book, and your kids are in the rumpus playing games. With Brivis StarPro high efficiency ducted gas heater technology, you have two zoning options:

Brivis ZonePlus

For outstanding individual comfort, control and energy management, the Brivis ZonePlus allows you to have up to four individually controlled zones, each with their own time and temperature settings.

Brivis Adaptive Zoning

Allows heating or cooling to be used with one Brivis Networker, operating a common zone (i.e. the hallway), as well as up to four additional zones, e.g. lounge room, bedrooms, kitchen/dining etc.

Talk to your Brivis dealer today about how you can get your Brivis system zoned to suit you requirements.


Brivis Ducted Gas Heater Star Rating Capacity (kW) Airflow (L/s)
@ 100Pa ESP
Duct Connection Pop sizes (mm) Dimensions
(L x W x H)
Net Weight
Available in
SP521EN 5 21 645 300 1046 x 416 x 657 66
SP521EN-XA 5 21 685 350 1046 x 416 x 657 66
SP521IN 5 21 740 300 1021 x 395 x 634 53
SP521IN-XA 5 21 770 350 1021 x 395 x 634 53
SP530EN 5 30 995 350 1096 x 568 x 707 85
SP530EN-XA 5 30 1000 400 1096 x 568 x 707 85
SP530IN 5 30 1110 350 1070 x 547 x 684 71
SP530IN-XA 5 30 1170 400 1070 x 547 x 684 71
SP535IN 5 35 1190 450 1070 x 547 x 684 72

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