Is ducted gas heating efficient?


When comparing gas ducted heating to reverse cycle heating, the gas ducted heating has a cheaper capital-to-cost installation and cheaper to run because these are now up to 6-star systems that can be zoned really well.

Being able to break a system down to one zone or even just two outlets allows you to reduce the energy consumption of the unit. This also increases the unit’s efficiency because it allows for a greater control of the temperature within the home.

Ducted gas heating also allows control of the heat delivery through zoning, though there’s a little bit of additional capital cost in zoning models and design of that system. Nevertheless,  having this degree of control means that if, for example, you’re in the lounge room you don’t have to be heating the bedrooms. Or you can allow the bedrooms to cool down to a certain temperature, which means they’re easy to heat back up again, so you don’t have to let them get cold but you don’t have to be in living temperature either.

For the same token, if the house is asleep and one person is up studying late at night, we can take that back to just heat one room or one zone which is a really efficient way of heating rather than heating areas that you don’t need. And that’s what gas ducted heating and the zoning systems really coming around.

Overall, though there are some initial additional expenses when opting for ducted gas heating, its efficiency will make it worth your money in the long run.

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