What are the benefits of evaporative cooling and what are the running costs?


Evaporative cooling is a really simple system: taking warm, dry air and delivering it through your house.

What that allows you to do is enjoy a modern lifestyle with your family.  You’re able to entertain with al-fresco areas, while having your windows and doors open. The system blasts air through the house alowing you to  keep the home opened up  instead of bunking it down to keep the cool air in. This is very different to reverse cycle air-conditioning where the blinds are down, the windows and doors are closed, and you constantly have to remind the family to keep closing doors. It’s all about keeping it open and letting the air flow through the home.

The other advantage is that being a really simple system, it doesn’t have refrigerant and it doesn’t involve complex engineering. It’s really a fan and wet blanket to make the air feel as though it’s cooler.

Being a simple system, and you’re only running a fan, a major advantage is that it’s much cheaper to run. So instead of running multiple appliances to achieve cooling as you would with a reverse cycle system, you’re just running a fan. This means you’re looking at a difference of about 20 cents an hour to run compared to about $1.20. Of course, this also depends on where you live and your energy service provider but the savings on electricity and on the running costs are enormous with evaporative cooling.

Evaporative cooling offers a better cooling solution. It’s more humid so you don’t get dry, itchy eyes, and you don’t get itchy skin. It feels natural and comfortable to live in and makes your home more enjoyable for the whole family.

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